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GMB is committed to ensuring that our members are protected from any negative impact regarding the decision to take the UK out of the European Union. The future direction of UK trade policy is crucial in deciding the security and development of our members jobs, the companies they work in, [...]
Nothing can make up for the two years spent in limbo, or the disgraceful way they were sacked. GMB members ‘disgracefully’ sacked when Steel company Caparo went bust have been awarded a payout worth up to £250,000. [...]
GMB National President Mary Turner passes away. [...]
This is a landmark case that could change the lives of thousands of couples across the UK. [...]
Lakeside children’s centre is yet another of hundreds closed in the face of people who need them most. [...]
Region’s children some of the worst hit by ‘cruel’ Government pay pinch [...]
Consultation begins today on scheme to shut almost half city’s council-funded facilities [...]
The West Midlands has haemorrhaged almost 100,000 manufacturing jobs in the past decade, a new study by GMB has shown [...]
New GMB analysis reveals the Governments’ public sector pay pinch will cost the West Midlands economy a staggering £1.3 billion in lost wages by 2020 [...]
Huge increase in time wasted by hospital bottlenecks due to break down in social care system, according to union [...]

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