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Below you’ll find GMB Birmingham Education B49 contact details.

0121 675 8036

GMB Branch B49
Council House Extension
Margaret Street
B3 3BU


Christine Mooney

Branch Secretary, Branch Committee Member

0121 675 8425

Christine Mooney has worked at the Branch Office for 5 years,  Christine is known throughout her membership for her commitment, determination, passion and care for her role and  members issues.   Previous to this she was a shop steward within her own workplace.   Christine took on the Branch Secretary role (interim) at the begining of 2015 and was elected to the post in December 2015. Christine represents Council Staff mainly within Family Support, Early Years and Pupil Guides.

Elliot Downing

Branch Youth Officer

0121 675 8036

Errol Waldo

Branch President, Branch Committee Member, Branch Health and Safety

0121 675 8423

Errol Waldo has worked at the Branch Office for 6 years.  Errol took on the Branch President Role (interim) at the begining 2015 and was elected to the possition at our branch elections in December 2015.  Errol is a Schools Representative who is conscientious about his work, Errol is a perfectionist and always insistent that things are done correctly to ensure our members are treated in a fair manner.

Gilda Richards

Senior Workplace Organiser, Union Learning Rep, Branch Committee Member

0121 675 9221

Gilda Richards is a Senior Workplace Organiser within Schools.  Gilda has worked in the education sector for 16 years and began as a Shop Steward in her own School.  She began her role at the Branch Office part time in 2014 and thrived within the role, so much so she has now become a full time representative at the Branch Office.  Gilda believes strongly in the rights of the employee and strives to ensure that respect, equality and fairness are observed by employers at all times.

Anita Bollard

Senior Workplace Organiser, Branch Committee member, TUC Delegate

0121 675 8043

Anita Bollard is our Equalities and Race Officer.  Anita is also a Senior Workplace Organiser at the Branch Office.  She Represents members in Birmingham City Council and is responsible for the whole City Serve Division of the Council.  Anita began her career from the shop floor and has always kept what she calls a "down to earth" approach and attitude.  Anita is very concscientious within her role.  She is also a delagate for Our Branch on the TUC, she is an Executive on the TUC comittee.

Andy Pyke

Senior Workplace Organiser, Branch Youth Officer, Branch Committee Member

0121 675 2372

Andy has worked in the education sector for many years and began his Union role as a shop steward within his own School.  Andy Pyke is a Senior Workplace Organiser at the Branch Office.   Andy works hard to make sure that members are treated fairly and that their rights are adhered to.  Andy is very passionate about his role and is very attentive in his approach to his work

Michelle Barnes

Senior Workplace Organiser, Branch Auditor

0121 675 8036

Michelle Barnes is a Senior Workplace Organiser within Schools she works at the branch office 3 days a week.
Michelle has joined our team with a wealth of knowledge as she previously worked for the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) she also has many years experience working within the education sector.

Pete Duffy

Branch Auditor, Branch Committee Member, TUC Delegate

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